You can always send your knife to me for sharpening and/or maintenance.
But here are a few tips and recommendations to keep it in good shape:

USE IT FREQUANTLY.   My knives are designed and created to be working tools to be used regularly. Unlike a stainless steel knife, using a carbon steel knife will often build a patina due to the oxidation of the blade which gives it an identity.

KEEP IT SHARP.   You should sharpen the knife regularly to maintain the edge at all times. I recomend using a 1000/3000 grain waterstone.

ALWAYS HAND WASH. NEVER IN THE DISHWASHER.   You must wash your knives by hand after each use. Use running water, a scouring pad and mild soap and finally dry with a soft cloth. The knife must never be placed in the dishwasher. Heat, high pressure water, and jostling are not good for any knife.

DRY AND LUBRICATE.   It is essential to dry well after each use, particularly for carbon steel knives, as they tend to get rusty. I also recommend lubricating your knife. The oil I use is linseed, universal oil or camellia oil. Any of these are natural and food safe.

CUTTING BOARDS.   The best cutting boards are wooden ones. Investing in a good cutting board also improves the appearance of your food and your knives. The surface on which the knife is to be used should never be harder than the steel itself. A ceramic or stone base dulls a knife before the first onion. This is true for stake knifes and kitchen plates as well.

WARRANTY.   I will stand by my knives for as long as I can. I work to create a useful, sharp piece of art to last, but occasionally problems can arise. I will repair or, if necessary, replace any knife I have made, as long as it has been used correctly.

WARNINGS.   My knives are made of very hard steels, for this reason, with the exception of specific models such as cleavers or similar, they must not be used on bones, frozen foods or hard ingredients. These types of ingredients can cause chips.

If you have any questions about the above topics or others related to my work, please feel free to contact me.